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Who we are

MField & Data Insight

An evolving and vibrant agency specializing in Fieldwork and Data Processing, established on the expertise of independent and skilled professionals. We excel in the management of fieldwork and offer a comprehensive suite of Fieldwork & DP services, leveraging our extensive expertise and experience.

Operating from our headquarters, we extend our services to the MEA region and clients worldwide.

Our Values

  • Dedication
  • Excellence and Precision
  • Cost-conscious
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity and Truthfulness
  • Achieving Exceptional Performance

Our Offer: Services


  • Project Management
  • Field & Tabulations
  • Data & AI driven Insight
  • Coding
  • Scripting
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Processing
  • Translation
  • Desk Research

Our Offer: Methodologies


  • CASI
  • CAPI Offline
  • CAPI online
  • CATI
  • CAWI
  • SMS’ing
  • Dairies

Why MField?

Our clients trust us for

  • Extensive Industry Expertise spanning multiple sectors, encompassing all research programs and methodologies
  • A collective experience of over 60 years in Market Research, covering Data collection, Customer Service, Quality Control, Project Management, Scripting & Data Processing. This wealth of experience enables us to consistently gather high-quality data and gain a keen understanding of client needs and expectations
  • In-depth regional knowledge and cultural insights, encompassing variations between countries and even within individual nations
  • An agile project management team at your disposal, promptly addressing your inquiries and taking necessary actions,
  • Flexibility in our working hours to accommodate your schedule and that of our suppliers, including both working days and hours,
  • A robust Quality Control process firmly in place,
  • A substantial and well-trained workforce capable of comprehensive coverage across the MEA region, with the ability to optimize Fieldwork timelines.

Quality Control

Our dedicated Quality Team

The primary objectives of our Quality Control team are as follows:

  • Verify that data has been collected from the intended target group or sample.
  • Confirm the completeness of recorded data.
  • Ensure the accuracy of recorded data.
  • Validate the proper execution of the survey.
  • Assess the accuracy of information recorded, matching it with respondent-confirmed data.
  • Confirm that the interviewer adhered to market research standards and a code of conduct.
  • Personal data confidentiality,

Our QC team validates a minimum of 30% of the completed sample through either:

  • Telephone,
  • In-person interactions,
  • Silent recording.

Our QC team check 100% of completed sample through:

  • QC Quota checks,
  • QC Pre-data checks/ Edits,
  • QC Data checks/analysis,

Quality audits are conducted continuously throughout the fieldwork activities.

Scope Of Work: Research Programs

Research programs

Our scope of work encompasses more than just the examples listed below:

  • Market Exploration
  • Market Opportunities
  • Category understanding
  • Consumer Usage & Attitudes (U&A),
  • Brand and Communication,
  • Pre & Post media campaign,
  • Concept and Product Testing,
  • Links,
  • Mystery visits,
  • Shopper studies,
  • Social & Polling studies,
  • Employee engagement,
  • Pricing,
  • Panel Development,
  • Customer & Consumer Experience,

Scope Of Work: Industries


Our scope of work encompasses more than just the examples listed below:

  • Telecom
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Home appliances
  • FMCG,
  • Tobacco,
  • Corporate Research,
  • Healthcare,
  • Media,
  • Tourism,
  • Mobility,
  • Retail & eCommerce,
  • Energy,
  • Real Estate,
  • Public & ONGs,

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